Andrew Hulbert

Andrew Hulbert

Vice Chairman - Pareto Facilities Management 

Andrew Hulbert is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, who founded and grew, one of the most successful UK Facilities Management services providers of the last decade. Andrew has a core focus on sustainability which was fostered as part of his MSc at UCL in Facility and Environment Management. Alongside his professional career, Andrew is a serial social enterprise entrepreneur and has founded various schemes to support the wider community.


The title of the talk

The future of retrofit sensor tech & Artificial Intelligence in commercial real estate 

- The power of adding retrofit tech to current building stock

- Are we ready for BIM?

- The role of Artificial Intelligence in future sensor tech


Explore the transformative impact of retrofit sensor technology in commercial real estate, delving into its potential when integrated into existing buildings. Uncover the readiness for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and examine the pivotal role Artificial Intelligence plays in shaping the future of sensor technology within this dynamic industry.